L'apiculture et la céramique: mes deux liens à la terre .

An appeal to artists of all sorts or to everyone willing to help a small school in the south of India !

An appeal to be creative and help a small rural school in the south of India !

My school Satya Surabhi , Attuvampatti,Kodaikanal,Tamilnadu,India

In the january 2015 and 2016 I visited a small school near kodaikanal , Tamil Nadu , India.

I spent a few days teaching pottery .

In 2016 I taught  80 children over 2 days … this year the friend I travelled with , Laurence , was my assistant . Thank you to Subramaniam , the local potter who provided the clay .

This school is called My School Satya Surabhi ( in Sanskrit Satya Surabhi means Eternal fragance ).

The school’s mission is to give rural and other disadvantaged children aspiration for a greater future through education .

They study Tamil, English, sciences, maths (and other subjects that I have forgotten) ; they also do yoga, classical dance…

It provides free education , uniform and lunch.

Parents pay something towards transport ( there is a school bus ).

The school , at present, caters for 240 children with 12 qualified teachers .

Padmini and Ram established the school at the turn of the millennium.

It is run entirely with the help of sponsors , private donations and the personal funds of Padmini and her husband Ram who share responsibilities and its administration .




Everythingis possible with a littlehelp


We want a clean and beautiful India ! let us all clean together !

 http://satyasurabhi.org/                                   IMG_7901 P1020501 P1020609 P1020512


The local potter provided the clay .

P1020539 P1020575 P1000293


Padmini and Ram kindly put us up and provided us with beautiful meals while we stayed at the school .

Attuvampatti is a small hamlet , a few kilometers away from Kodaikanal .

The children go to school from 10 am to 12 .15 and 1.15 to 3.15 ; quite often they help their family before and after school ,in the fields  for instance.

The day after we arrived at  the school it was Republic day : the children went by a nice waterfall to pick up some rubbish left all over ! ‘ We want a clean and beautiful India ‘ .


My project :

If you want to help the school you can join our action and send me some of your creations ( ceramic or not , as long as they are  hand made ). I will of course give some of my creations and ask locally for some .

I’ll then organise a  sale at my farm and ceramic workshop shop where I’ll be showing the creations I managed to collect and hopefully sell them at the price to recommend .

All the money will go to the school when I visit again next winter .

You could of course get in touch directly with Padmini if you wish .

Get in touch with me if you want more details at epensa26@gmail.com

My postal address is :

Evelyne Pensa, L’Apipoterie atelier céramique, La miellerie, 26400 Beaufort sur Gervanne ,France

Thank you very much !







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